NEW EPISODE: So some women prefer their pets over their partners? How do I show honor and respect to my husband? Is marriage prep a good idea? What is Mark’s take on the 144,000 going to heaven? Should pastors be 100% transparent with the church about their private lives?What do I do with a husband who keeps secrets? How can I talk to my wife about getting her to lose some weight?


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3 Responses to “01-20-2014”

  1. erickajen says:

    i hadnt heard the 144,000 that way. ive heard that its how many of the righteous faithful who will be alive when Christ returns. the number of saved will be millions one could imagine. :) God is amazing.

    as a pastor you dont understand revelation? arent you responsible to know? how about a prophecy seminar? amazing facts have some pretty straight up Bible-based, factual seminars. you should find one. either that or try online bible studies at amazingfacts.org

  2. George says:

    I just read that passage over the weekend (Revelation 7). The 144,000 and how it is broken down among the tribes (12,000 each), John says in verse 9 that there was “…an enormous crowd that no one could count…”

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