NEW EPISODE: Reasons to dump his butt when dating.  Can I check my husband’s cell phone? A young man needs help with finding a girl for his arranged marriage.  A mom is torn between working and being a stay at home mom. A wife is struggling with her commuter marriage.


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2 Responses to “12-23-2013”

  1. erickajen says:

    you cant just move. when you own your house, and it wont sell because no one else will move to where you live because there are no jobs… you cant just up and move. i didnt write that letter, and i agree with what you’re saying (its temporary, relax, figure something out, make cuts other places..) but i wanted to stand up and say that you cant just move. its impossible. i know. we had our house listed for 3 years. we didnt even have a showing in 2 years. so no, moving isnt as easy as you make it sound.

  2. Daniel says:

    Erickajen, there are several factors that contribute to why you can’t sell a house. It’s never easy to sell a house, but it can be done. I don’t buy the “it wont sell because no one else will move to where you live because there are no jobs” line. This has never stopped people from buying a house.

    You mentioned having listed the house for 3 years, but didn’t have a showing in 2 years. Hopefully by now this not an issue. But if after all this time you’re still struggling to sell, I can tell you the problem is you. One doesn’t simply list a house and not have an interested party after 2 years! Are you listing the house by yourself? How aggressive is your realtor? Is your asking price competitive to the comps in your neighborhood? Do you have more than one mortgage that will need to be satisfied by the sale (Which can compromise your ability to negotiate asking price)? Do you have equity in your home (Not everybody is upside down on homes)?

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