NEW EPISODE: Is a “Snuggle House” a legitimate business? Should wives have babies to try to improve their marriage or make them happy? What do I do when my husband forgets all the special occasions in our life? A listener wonders if there will be sex in heaven? A wife wants suggestions on how to get the “giddy” back in their marriage and a husband thinks men should be included in baby showers.


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8 Responses to “01-06-2014”

  1. notice says:

    your video podcast file says 2013 not 14. i really appreciate the revelations coming through lately. some time ago mark reflected on the ‘naughty factor’ in relationships that to me describes all kinds of fornication or sexual perversion engaged in all types of relationships. now it seems we have what may be called the ‘giddy factor’ that describes the immaturity of many relationships like they were houses built on sand instead of stone. i have a quick question. lately mark answered someone asking if theres sex in heaven. obviously there isnt. i would like to know from any of your team, is sex not in heaven because its a form of narcissistic worship of the flesh that god will only allow in the confines of a marriage between a faithful man and woman who would otherwise have no acceptable outlet for their sexual passions?

  2. repeat says:

    on the previous show the question of sex in heaven was made. mark said theres no sex in heaven. is that because sex is essentially a narcissistic worship of the flesh?

      • OldMaleBachelor says:

        I’m no Greek scholar, but in my Bible Jesus wasn’t talking about heaven but about in the Resurrection, not the same thing. And He wasn’t talking about sex but about marriage, also not the same thing. People in the Resurrection will be like angels in that they don’t do marriage. Sex in heaven? I find no definitive Bible verdict on that, but I could easily believe it won’t be necessary because there we will have access to something much better, as in… “Sex on earth was great, but it was only partial intimacy. Now we can have complete intimacy in God’s own image!” It would agree with 1 Cor. 13:10 if it’s true.

        I’d say that trusting your life to Jesus so you can find out the answer for yourself is definitely worth it. ;)

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