NEW EPISODE: 6 signs you are a bad lover. Should Christians engage in oral and anal sex? A woman is afraid her husband is having an affair.


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2 Responses to “12-30-2013”

  1. thanks says:

    Hi there. I was quite taken with this show because you get to the nitty gritty, which I believe is what people need. Jesus was quite black and white about some issues, He was all-loving, but because of that was more interested in our overall growth rather than worried about us being offended. Wasnt John the baptist offended? He paved the way for Jesus, the one who came to set the captive free, yet there was John in prison, a captive himself, sending Jesus a message questioning his identity as Saviour and Healer (sounds like what Satan did when he tested Jesus in the wilderness huh…). John was offended. Jesus didnt set him free on the outside, but instead on the inside… “..blessed is he who is not offended by me”. Is it not time for christians to practice NOT getting offended by God’s standards for us. So thanks for ‘raising the bar’ on your show, and not worrying about offended christians who dont understand the rewards of being freed on the inside.

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