NEW EPISODE: Biblical (and hilarious) ways to find a spouse. A wife can’t enjoy sex with her husband without some kind of fantasy, a listener wants to know what kinds of sexual sin needs to be confessed to your spouse, and a woman has questions about the sincerity of her husband’s desire to reconcile. Is it unbiblical to renew your wedding vows? Why do girls make excuses to not date me or to stop dating me?


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One Response to “12-09-2013”

  1. Brenda says:

    That guy who can’t get past the 4th date with women needs to get a copy of Wild at Heart by John Eldredge. He is probably looking for his validation from the women rather than coming to the relationship being able to offer her something. Men are asking the question “Am I man enough?” and if they didn’t get it answered by their father and don’t get that question answered by God, they’ll continue to seek the answer from women and more often than not eventually whether it’s the 4th date or the 30th wedding anniversary, the answer she’ll give is “no.” The woman is not to be the source of a man’s validation and until he learns that he’ll continue to be seen as needy and desperate.

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