NEW SHOW: Sex addiction isn’t real. A woman emails saying she is having trouble reaching the kind of orgasm Mark describes in his seminar. What traits did Mark look for when he dated his wife? How do you know it’s “the one”? Is a 17 year age gap problematic in a marriage? Should divorced/single people date while they still have teenagers at home? What does “knowing who you are in Christ” mean? Is it okay for women to masturbate?




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  1. Dee says:

    Dear Mark
    I had the privilege of attending your Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage event recently and just listen to these week show. I’m a divorced mother of two wonderful kids! My son is 16 and a 9 year old daughter! My Ex moved out 4 years ago and we have been divorced for almost two years. He isn’t been involved in their daily lives. He calls every other month and they seen him 2-3 times a year usually not for more then for the day! He doesn’t return phone calls. However, he is getting remarried this coming Saturday and magically we hear from him and about the plans. Bluh, bluh, bluh! The problem I’m facing is…he was had a series of living with girlfriends over the last four years and have already fielded questions from my youngest about the why in sex and marriage “But Daddy is..” (Putting me between the old rock and hard place-in that I do my best to not speak ill of their father. We talk a lot about making good and bad choices) and my 16 Is having other issues.

    So I totally get what you are saying about having teens and trying to date. Who has time! My married friends struggle to make time to date between work, homework, church, and etc. and there are two of them! It’s just me most of time! I have help but most of it falls to me! I’m not dating mostly cause I’m scared me to death, I’m don’t want to share my kids with anyone right now, and I’m not willing to put the time into a relationship that it would need, But I do make time for myself. Like attending your event or dinner with friends! Things that better my life and walk with God! They are rare and usually full of guilt! I work 3 nights a week so I can make the most the time I can for them! I do want to get remarry someday! I hope I don’t really have to wait 10 years since that is how long I will have a teen in my house! I will be faith to God. Cause it is double edge sword! I’ve been slow to move on getting out there! Just to meet people! For many reasons, my son doesn’t say either way which doesn’t mean he is for my dating and my daughter sooo what’s me to find someone to marry, if only it was that easy! However, her reasons are simple. She misses her Dad and wants a man around to fill the void which make everything so much more important and she wants a sister, cause after Saturday she will have two new big brother! I think it’s more I have to do it right, be a good example, because they are watching me. I have never dated under such scrutiny. I have friends who have wonderfully faulted marriages that are example for my kids about what God centered marriage looks like and I thank God everyday for them! Speaking truth into my kids!

  2. Tim says:

    Dear Mark and Gang
    I found that listening to your podcast while deployed helps keep me sane and centered. However, I become a bit frosted when hearing you talk about couples bored in their sex lives! Maybe those wankers should get off their arses and join us in the military who’ve been deployed for years at a time, multiple times! I’ll bet they wouldn’t be complaining about their sex lives then! Just imagine how we feel 13mo into a 15mo deployment. Keep up the good work and thanks for telling guys they don’t need to masturbate, even while deployed.
    Sexually deprived for your freedom.

  3. Staci says:

    I don’t agree that singles with teenagers shouldn’t date. We deserve to have a life too. I make daily sacrifices for my kids, but on the rare occasion I get adult time I don’t feel guilty about it. After what people go through during a divorce when the time is right, they deserve to date again. I agree not bringing the dates home FOR SURE, but to say you can’t date b/c you have teenagers is ridiculous! Just my two cents!

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