NEW EPISODE: London firefighters advise: Don’t put your penis in a toaster. Why are second marriages so difficult for kids? Is sex during the menstrual period morally wrong? How can I find a guy to marry when dating is discouraged at my church?


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2 Responses to “11-25-2013”

  1. Jenna says:

    I disagree completely with your idea of trusting the elders in your church to set you up with your future significant other. If I were to allow that to happen at the church I attend, I could easily end up with youn men who drink alcohol, smoke weed, and are overly controling…because I grew up with them and know them in a way that their parents don’t!!!! I KNOW THEM! I don’t need fantasy..I need a man who has an authentic heart for God no matter where he is!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. erickajen says:

    if you think about it, women typically ovulate anywhere between the end of the menstrual period through 14 (or sometimes more) days after the first day of the period. we do fertilitycare, and you just basically track the woman’s signals of fertility (mucus). therefore, you have periods of time where you avoid (when not trying to get pregnant) which is good for the reasons you say (very motivated people/not bored).. but also the waiting is natural planning/avoidance or whatnot.

    im not catholic, but i have found that the fertilitycare/naprotechnology has been very important to my husband and my marriage! :) its so helpful!

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