NEW EPISODE: Men aren’t mature until 43!? What does the bible say about using artificial insemination to have a child even if you are unmarried? How is a pastor’s wife to deal with flirty women who cause temptation for her husband?


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3 Responses to “09-09-2013”

  1. Chris says:

    I thought the reason for not serving wine at communion was to allow those who suffer from alcoholism to participate. I don’t know about wine causing anyone to go crazy, but I have never suffered from alcoholism either. It is easier to avoid something that is not there versus refusing something that is readily available. I do agree that men are not baboons and are able to have self-control. When it comes to avoiding temptation, I find the best thing to do is find the nearest exit and quickly get out. God always provides a way out. (1 Corinthians 10:13)

  2. anne says:

    …most likely there have been a few bad men who have had affairs with their clients which has given the poor reputation of men counseling female members in the church.

  3. BKW says:

    Our policy in our church is no woman speaks to my husband alone. They may bring their husband, father, friend, child, etc….or I will gladly sit and hear their need with them and my husband. Everyone is then protected from temptation.

    I was told by one woman – “He is my pastor, and I feel like you are keeping me away from him. I should have a right to speak to my pastor” LOL He is my husband first and I AM keeping you away. Feel free to follow church policy.

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