IT’S AN ALL NEW SHOW! Join Mark and crew for the update on what’s been going on and what the future direction of the show is.


10 Responses to “08-26-2013”

  1. David says:

    I have 5 options for playing the show. plus the RSS feeds. None of them will work for the 8/26 show. Either File Not Found or it’s a broken link.

  2. SAD says:

    BOOOOO!!!! ONESHOW A WEEK? OKAY. I GET IT. IT IS SAD THOUGH. THANKYOU TO ALL OF YOU (AND PAST HOSTS) FOR THE AWESOME DEDICATION YOUVE SHOWN. i honestly hope, and I have prayed already Mark, that God will resource you and your team and open doors for broadcasting so you can make a global impact youve never thought possible, to bless marriages, families, and singles. i have played some important material from your shows for my children so they dont get poisoned by the huge amount of worldy rubbish thats out there about life, love, and sex. SO THANKYOU FOR WHAT YOUVE GIVEN US. …count me in, i am sad, but WE are looking forward to your weekly shows!!!! :-)

  3. Wendy MacPherson says:

    I’m not sure from where I will get my afternoon entertainment and education now – but I have wished often that more people could listen to you. Mark, Diane, Phil and crew – you are much needed in this world. I pray God continues to bless you and grow your audience!

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