What are some of the consequences of delaying marriage? Should I wait around for the chance at a girl who is dating someone else? How do we deal with a child who is homosexual? How do I get my husband to come to terms with his sexual addiction? How do I best support my wife during breast cancer? Why is there such a difference between dating and marriage? Is addiction a biblical reason for divorce?


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  1. Regina says:

    From my personal experience (my father a crack addict, my mother left him, my husband an adulterer), a crack addiction is much different than an adultery, so I don’t think that shunning would work as quickly or effectively for a crack addict as an adulterer or porn addict, etc.. Crack is such an addictive drug, that a person gives up their entire life to pursue it, even if they do very much want other things. I spoke to someone who once tried it, and they said “it literally calls you” to have more. My father, an educated man with a family and great career, ultimately chose suicide because he couldn’t choose between the drug & our family.

    As Diane said, God is more than powerful enough to change this man and the circumstances, but to depend on his free will to choose her permanently, rather than the drugs, doesn’t seem very sound. That’s not to say that I think shunning in this situation is wrong, I just don’t think that it’s as likely for him to call her, changed & truly ready to move forward, in 2 days, as it would be for an adulterer or porn addict, or even alcoholic.

    Just my opinion

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