Do you accidentally make your spouse afraid or ashamed? Is it reasonable for one spouse to give up sex for Lent? How long should I wait to marry after the death of my spouse? How do I deal with my alcoholic, porn-watching husband? Does low self-esteem lead to premarital sex?


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  1. Kimberly Nitz says:

    I was watching the show today. Saturday the 10th. The topic came up about a woman having sex with her husband only 20 times in 18 years due to pain and probably other reasons. In my experience my sex life has been good. However, in the last few years sex has been very painful. Doctors said everything was fine. It felt like a buring ring of fire around my cervix. I would not complain, jsut grin and bear it. Finally, it started effecting our sex life because it became excruciating. Now I have no pain. Two things happened to me at the same time so I am not sure of which one helped. First, I was told I needed to have my gall bladder taken out. So, instead I did a gall bladder/liver cleanse and expelled many gall stones. One of the symptoms of gall stones is problems with sex. Secondly, I was introduced to a product called Natues Pearl. It is the most powerful antioxidant on the planet and is proven to heal, slow, and stop 7 kinds of cancers, and many many other things. It helps with inflamation, which is a main cause of many diseases. My heart goes out to women that say sex is painful because I think they are seen as week and finding execuses. For me, I didn’t tell my husband that it was painful because I do want him to enjoy our marriage bed with guilt. There are however, many women that just don’t know where to turn. Hope this helps. You have a platform that can be used to help many women in this area. Doctors have no idea what’s going on in my experience. Thanks for being a voice.

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