How many evangelical Christians are having premarital sex? How can we help our son and daughter-in-law after he had an affair? How can I talk to my husband about his “too-close” lady friend? What is the best way to ask a guy I’m dating about his use of pornography?  Is there marriage in heaven? Should women always feel the desire to have sex before they actually do it?


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  1. Ben says:

    Hi Mark and crew

    Just wanted to say I work with labour matters quite regularly at an attorneys firm in Johannesburg. My experience is just the opposite that people cannot get fired in South Africa unless it is a very serious situation. I often get clients who were dismissed for no just reason at all and corporates these days budget for compensation which in practice often only amount to 3 month’s salary (usually far less than the average household income). Labour cases often drag on for longer than 3 months. With unemployment being high, justice is rarely done to the employees.

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