NEW SHOW: What “superbug” could be worse than AIDS? Should all premarital classes include the truth about the importance of sex in marriage? Are Christians allowed to use sex toys? How do I tell my husband that I don’t want to be “more sexually aggressive”? My ex-wife and I are remarrying each other, should we wait till then to have sex again?


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3 Responses to “05-20-2013”

  1. Jane Harrold says:

    you mentioned about meds changing your sex drive – My husband just was put on High blood pressure meds – doc is still changing stuff – - can this also change your sex drive – he was told to take it after dinner – My husband won’t ask his female doc -

  2. erickajen says:

    ive always been confused on the sex toy issue – you know why? because i follow several “marriage/godly” bloggers and THEY ENCOURAGE, SUPPORT AND ENDORSE so called “christian intimacy assistance” items.

    my instincts were spot on. thanks for the reassurance!!! :)

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