Topics today: How do “friendly divorces” impact the children’s faith? How should we deal with my father who says he is gay?  What can I do about the resentment I feel toward my ailing husband? What can I do to stop being so critical of other people?


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  1. Kim says:

    Is this the description for this episode? I was hoping to hear about the topics listed and I either missed it (twice) or I clicked in the wrong spot. Can you please direct me to the episode about “How many guys should a woman date before she settles down and marries one? What does the bible say about the purpose of marriage for those over 40 and past the age of procreation? What do I do if I married the wrong person? Is elective plastic surgery okay? Should Christians use birth control?”
    I’d be blessed by your insights on these topics.

  2. jubilee says:

    I DEFINANTLY think when Christians divorce, it lets the kids know, that faith isn’t very serious, and you could be anyway you want to be…fornicate more, have out of wedlock kids, etc.’
    I also think, even though Mark may not, is when the wife becomes a believer, and the husband does NOT, The kids, or maybe just the boys LEAVE THE CHURCH and go bonkers after age 18
    I know of two couples where the mom was in church and took the kids, while DAD STAYED on the couch watching his games.

    If the dad was won over to the LORD, the whole family would be, when its just the mom, its pretty shaky

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