NEW episode! What are ten compliments men hate getting? Would I be wrong to ask my husband for a divorce after we go away for the weekend together? A woman tells of how separation saved her marriage. Does God have a plan for how many children we’re supposed to have? How can I learn to be a better judge of men? Since my girlfriend and I have already had sex, does that mean we should get married?


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4 Responses to “04-18-2013”

  1. erickajen says:

    hahah! i got a little nervous when SDA church came up (my church! :) ) but i was really really relieved by your comments. :) thanks mark! love you brother!!! praise God for your non-judgemental and loving Christian attitude! :) where i live, thats actually rare! :)

  2. checkitout says:

    HEY after the commercial break in the 18 minute plus zone the AUDIO is more than a few seconds behind the video. PLEASE re-upload a proper working version…

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