ALL NEW episode.  Topics include: What are seven skills to develop in your 20s? How do couples deal with the challenges that military marriages face? Are husbands supposed to be the spiritual leader or just the head of the home?


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2 Responses to “04-12-2013”

  1. peg says:

    Diane, I just read a blog post from a pastor who claims a young man in his youth group was possessed by a demon and went straight up crazy. I would normally believe he is deranged because he also spoke of the possibility of vampires and werewolves being real. But I’m about to be alone by myself for a week and I’m jumping at every noise. Also a Christian woman said a big black figure was standing in a corner peering over her grandmother and then touched her. What are your thoughts?

    • Diane says:

      Mark addresses your question on the show that will air April 22nd. You can watch/listen to the show at http://www.markgungorshow.com every hour starting at 10 am CST that day or catch the archives anytime after 11 am CST via iTunes or our website.

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