NEW show from Mark and crew! Topics today: Does a couple that prays together have a lower risk of divorce? A woman writes in with her blended family story. Can Christians go clubbing and drinking? Is it okay to fantasize about our future sex life while we are dating? How can I deal with Christian friends who think sex before marriage is acceptable? Can God lead me to a good man who is husband material?


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  1. Michael says:

    Your opening comments about women nagging their husbands to be more spiritual really hit home with me. I tried to do family devotions, but they were never good enough, she didn’t want to come to the living room to be with the children, when it was her turn to pray, it was for the basic three items that we named for the 9-year-old to pray for. I shouldn’t have given up, it’s true, but I did. She divorced me two months ago, saying she has never felt so close to God now that I’m out of her life. By the way, I was a deacon, jr. church leader and choir director. I never had sex with anyone except her, and we waited until we were married to do so. Obviously there’s more to the story. I’ll tell you about it one of these days. Keep up the good work, even if it came too late for me.

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