Day 3 with Mrs. Gungor joining the team! Topics: Is Facebook better than sex for some people? A listener takes Mark to task on his “unbiblical” advice! Should I marry a guy who is not in a good place financially?


One Response to “02-22-2013”

  1. Steve & Velma Bishop says:

    Caught you show this week-end in Nashville,Tn. at Cornerstone Church. Glad my wife talked me into it. Not only was it hilarious but really informative… All I can say is thanks for coming to our town… Especially our church….
    If people get the chance to see it I highly recommend that they do so… Once again thanks for the opportunity…..

    Sincerely, Steve Bishop

    P.S. By the way I’m looking forward to reading your book,, Sexual Intimacy..

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