DEBBIE GUNGOR sits in to co-host the show again today! Topics include: How many men join online dating services just to hook-up for sex? How should I advise my wife who wants to read The Fifty Shades of Grey? What do I say to my teenage sons to keep them from masturbating?


One Response to “02-21-2013”

  1. Bernie says:

    I really have to dispute the point you made of one child moms…Not all of us are psycho hose beasts (my words). I only have one child, and I can guarantee that I am probably the sanest person in my family. All my other siblings have 3 or more kids and seem to be way more stressed than me. TOOT TOOT. Stuff is going to happen, bumps, bruises, BS… go with it, can’t fix everything. So stop trying!

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