What’s a “consorce”…the alternative to a divorce? What can I do to deal with my husband’s lack of showering? How do I get forgiveness for having premarital sex in our relationship?


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  1. erickajen says:

    has “shower guy” ever looking into the possibility of aspergers? this is a totally common thing with people with aspergers (i should know, i have it) where they ONLY shower on a “schedule” – and nbc’s parenthood JUST dealt with this exact issue with a teenage character with aspergers who just hit puberty.

    anyway just a thought

  2. erickajen says:

    in the end of the shower situation, i do agree. i have told my husband (who drives truck – not over the road, local stuff, and he gets dirty!) he needs to shower because i dont want dirty sheets, and sheets that smell like the inside or underside of his truck!

    and guess what. he knows now. if hes too tired to shower, he will sleep on the couch. and thats ok! neither one of us gets mad, or throws a temper, its just what happens.

    that, and i snore, and my husband is a light sleeper… so its probably like a vacation LOL

  3. allyce schonert says:

    my husband and i had premarital sex when we were dating. My husband was not a christian until after our daughter was born (after we were married) we are both involved in the church and are both sorry for our sins in the past.. does this mean that we are still going to hell?

  4. answer says:

    allyce… no… if you committed your lives to jesus, basically, youre citizens of heaven… make jesus the king of your hearts and youll be fine.

  5. Daniel says:

    Also, there aren’t special sins that sin you to hell irreparably, no “7 deadly sins”. Sin is sin. All sin deserves death. Christ took on all sin. If you deny Christ all your life, you aren’t saved, but that is pretty much it :) . There is forgiveness with repentance, that’s the good news!

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