What are the top 10 lies told by internet daters? How do I deal with my husband’s close female friends? What can we do to get our parent’s support for marrying young? Is it normal for spouses to want a break when dealing with health problems and issues in the marriage?


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  1. Daniel says:

    Hey Mark!
    I want to throw this out there. I agree that the term “unconditional love” had been blatantly abused for every excuse under the sun. But, perhaps there is such a thing as having an unconditional love that demands a conditional relationship. You can love somebody regardless what they do to you, but you do not have to have a relationship with that person.

    What you’re describing in the broadcast sounds to me God having a conditional relationship with man, that can be destroyed by man and only restored through the Son via repentance and forgiveness, but despite what man has and will do, God will never stop loving man. Now despite what I have just typed, God still demands that we follow His commandments and what He has instructed us as followers. This is where the conditions fit in and how a conditional relationship exists.

    This is different than an unconditional love that breeds unconditional relationships. A classic example would be a wife that tolerates a cheating husband who also speaks down to her without any consequences from his wife. Unconditional love with a marriage and context of an unconditional relationship is just plain being a doormat with a sad benefit of sounding very spiritual. I do not recall anywhere in the Bible where God had become a doormat for the human race. I have read where God showed restraint in blotting out the human existence!

    I don’t personally think it’s heresy to say that God has unconditional love. I think it becomes heresy when we expect and demand an unconditional relationship from God because of his love for us (file under Rob Bell ministries). Perhaps churches can reduce the use of the word in order to avoid the confusion or preach the difference between the two. What do you think?

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