What 10 things should every woman know about her husband? How do I know if I should get over my ex-boyfriend and move on or wait for things to work out between us? How do I get over my husband’s affair when he doesn’t seem remorseful? What can a couple do when health issues cause sexual dysfunction?


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2 Responses to “12-20-2012”

  1. jubilee says:

    OMGosh. these are CHRISTIAN GIRLS?! what is happening in the CHURCH?. a CHRISTIAN girl should NEVER go with an atheist. Men who are atheists have UBER EGO. and sex with you will NOT CURE IT. Women OTOH have a tendency to want to believe in ‘something’

    We NEED to protect marriage or else polygamy will be the law of land. Homosexuals will push the culture into accepting polygamy by demanding marriage instead of ‘civil unions’

  2. Daniel says:

    20:56 I am so glad Mark address what is happening within our churches and as a nation. Morality as it stands today according to what appears to be a majority of the population is derived from what we feel and NOT from what know or what God himself has instructed us. Everything is subjective and speculative and there are no longer any absolutes (i.e. right or wrong, good or evil, etc).

    I am currently dealing with a close friend of mine, a Christian, who has defined her own morality based on what she “feels to be right” instead of what God has already established as right and wrong. We are headed for a new dark age in human history….

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