Today is another NEW show! Topics: What are eight things a husband CANNOT do? How do you keep things from getting stale and boring with your spouse in a Godly way? What is the best way to talk to my “tweenage” daughter about boys and dating?


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  1. Jessica B. says:

    Wow! My mind was blown by the section where Mark was talking about God getting Adam and Eve out of Eden and *why* that was a merciful, wonderful thing. That makes perfect sense, but I’d never thought of or heard it explained like that before.

    Thanks! :)

  2. Adam says:

    Here is my concerning, specifically, with the critique provided of point # 2 on Perry’s list. The point wasn’t who is the “most spiritual” but talking about who is most “spiritually responsible” for the spiritual climate of the home. In other words, who is called to be first and foremost a spiritual leader in the home? One text as asked for in the segment, would be Eph 5:25-28 where the husband is called to be the spiritual head of the home in a way that the family is “sanctified” more godly and holy as a result of his influence. Headship does not mean superiority, but the text is highlighting a distinction of function between husbands and wives. While the wife is personally responsible to be a spiritual person and a spiritual leader, the husband is called to represent Christ in the home in a way that they might be made more holy as a result of his influence and presence.

    Again, the point was not who is the “most spiritual” but who is given the primary “spiritual responsibility.” Just as in a church the pastor is probably rarely the most “spiritual person” in the room, he still has a responsibility to lead the people of God to grow spiritually. If he fails, he is responsible even though there were people present more “spiritual” than him, because it was his responsibility.

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