What are the top ten reasons for divorce? Is it truly a green light for sex if my wife says “yes”, but isn’t really interested in it? What is Mark’s opinion on private Christian¬† vs. public schools? Is a professional poker player an appropriate occupation for a Christian? How do I break my porn habit?


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One Response to “11-30-2012”

  1. Silviya Pancheva says:

    Great show! I also suffered from pornography addiction and know how it feels to do something you don’t want to do. Fortunately, I’m now free and realise that pastor Mark is right – the feeling was there but the more you resist it the easy it gets. Now after nearly 3 years, sometimes it comes back but now it’s quite easy to say “No”.
    My suggestion for this man is to never let himself be alone, anywhere, anytime or allways to let his wife know where he is, what is he doing and when he’ll be back.
    Love you guys! Thanks for the todays show!

    P.S. Can you tell me how one can delete his comment if posted something stupid?

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