Can your marriage survive an affair?  Is it rushing the relationship to expect an engagement after a year and a half? Where is the line on what pictures are appropriate for worship leaders to post on Facebook?  How do I deal with issues of a blended family?


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  1. truly says:

    the article at the beginning is true. full details of the affair is essential for confession. genuine full regret of those things is essential (which could take a long time to mature). but bear in mind the offending spouse remembers genuine enjoyment of the lust involved in their fornication, and in any case the affair is underpinned with self-centred justification. full repentance of the affair is essential (hand-in-hand with the maturity of their regret). ofcourse no contact in any way with the other party in the affair (ofcourse it should have been cut off before bad choices were made). my wife cheated on me several times with the same guy. i do not know how many times, i do not know all the details. i know she regrets it, but not all of it. i know she knows it was wrong, but i know she justifies some of it. i know she ruined my trust in her and has been unwilling to rebuild it properly. i know our sex is more a celebration of lust than love. i know my scars ‘manifest’ at times because of these things. the main reason i had strength to stay with her is because our children needed us. i know time has been the main healer for me, and im far less hurt now than in the initial aftermath. but youre right Mark, we have never since been the same people. ive tried to love my wife more but i dont have the reasons to. i try to appreciate her more but sometimes its hard. welcome to the aftermath.. an affair truly comes with a high price that leaves scars that affect the rest of your lives.

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