Mark and crew start out discussing a great article: Underage Dating: The Elephant in the Social Conservative Living Room.

Then they answer emails: A husband wants to know if women really don’t want to have sex the same way men do, a woman wonders if  in vitro fertilization is a valid option for single women, and a couple needs help connecting due to working opposite shifts.


3 Responses to “10-03-2012”

  1. Dave says:

    Im getting a little itchy for the new broadcasts cos unfortunately we are nonethless going to be 6 whole weeks behind what theyre addressing in emails. I would however like to know if the people who want answers are going to receive them via email around the time of the making of their corresponding episode rather than waiting like us 6 long weeks before seeing or hearing it on TV. BTW Hi Diane. Are you guys extremely busy right now with this TV stuff? Hows it going? Are you not able to comment about it at this time? Cant wait for the new shows! Im very curious about how Mark is going to exercise self control and how you all have to watch what you say. Do you think TV restrictions will DAMPEN enjoyment of the show we’ve had so far? Are we to expect sound ‘bleeps’ to block words etc?

    • Diane says:

      What you are seeing now is what is on TV/broadcast. It is not changing that much. If your questions are used on the show, you will be notified via email as to the air date so you can listen/watch…yes, you will have to wait to hear/see the answer. :-)

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