How often do most churchgoers read their bible? Should widowed people with children wait for the kids to be grown before they remarry? How do I break the mentality that my former sexual exploits created? Should my husband have my Facebook password? Does God have to “okay” your choice of a spouse?


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2 Responses to “09-28-2012”

  1. Dora says:

    Hey… It’s great that you won’t do any new shows for the next month. That will give us a chance to catch up with all the shows in the archives that we may have missed. I am looking forward to this! :D

  2. Dave says:

    Ive already backtracked all the older ones but only going as far as the first video podcast on March 19th. Today Im up to March 20th – the last two on my list. Hooray! I dont see the point of going into all the older ones (mp3) since its likely most scenarios Mark covered back then may resurface in some form in future episodes if not already in the video podcasts so far.

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