Why are women the losers in a “hook-up” culture? Should a husband and wife pray together? Should I be concerned if my fiance won’t disclose how much money he makes?


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  1. Gungorian says:

    Is just me or are these past 3 podcasts reruns from previous podcasts. The evengelical and catholic, this women loosers in “hook up” and another one forgot the title. Is there a reason that there are no new show podcasts?

  2. Howdy says:

    If you can answer, are these video podcasts exactly what will be used for the TV broadcast shows you are preparing for, or will the TV versions be unique in that we cannot download them or perhaps view them from countries outside the U.S?

  3. Howdy says:

    Awesome. Good to not feel left out in little New Zealand. It will be interesting to see how different (if at all) the broadcast shows will be from October. Thanks also for any any future updates you can provide. I look forward to new programmes but I’ve been able to fill in time catching up on all the old ones anyway -I’m going right back to the first video podcast which I believe was March 19th. I hope Mark’s show only gets more pupular, not cancelled.

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