Is it acceptable to snoop on your mate’s texts if you think he or she is cheating? Would polygamy ever be acceptable again? Is crude talk acceptable in marital sex?


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  1. jubilee says:

    I’ve ALWAYS had an idea, it ‘could’ happen because of HOMOSEXUAL MARRIAGE!! If gay marriage wasnt an issue, this would have never got off the table. I’m also thinking, that today, many MEN would like to have more than one wife because THEY DONT HAVE TO WORK AS HARD since these women could become businesswomen and lawyers; and give HIM their money—i’m thinking: the safest place for a woman to be is a homemaker, and let hubby have the career or organize the family business.
    When my child was younger, i’ve always found MARRIED ‘stay at home mom’ types so i wasnt alone with a screaming child–not all women are putting their children in daycare while they go to work

  2. Howdy says:

    Hmm. Who isn’t a victim of technology used against them by their partner…
    Crude language in the sack? So long as it’s only with your spouse and children can’t hear?? I like the show on July 13th where Mark rants about raising the moral standard to where it should be, and Jesus taught that standard to the degree he got major flack for it. I do not know anyone but Mark who dares to confront people with the standard Jesus promoted. So as for the crude language thing, understandable but never righteous.

  3. jubilee says:

    Yikes—-this sounds like the last show you have aired. Ive heard the ones you have on 9/10-9/11-9/12. I hope you guys will still be there for more new shows. I hope this ‘polygamy’ thing didnt get you mad at each other, etc.
    I’ve heard JESUS changed the polygamy thing to one wife—when he quoted marriage of Adam & Eve

  4. jubilee says:

    *sigh*–with this polygamy thing, It just seems like modern women jumped off the pedistal and into the DIRT….and just dont know it yet since many cant find adequate men to be husband material like it was before the 21st century.

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