Mark and crew go over a coupleĀ  reviews of the show that they’ve received and he also weighs in on the new movie “Hope Springs”.



2 Responses to “08-31-2012”

  1. snglenhpy says:

    Good to hear that you all have good reviews and that you got something out of the “negative” one.
    My question would be why not just not answer emails anymore and just rant about the things people do in marriage that you either love or hate. Why not just have shows that talk about what a normal marriage should look like instead of wasting time telling people to stop looking at porn. Its obvious what your opinions are about those things.

  2. David says:

    I dont agree with snglenhpy. There’s still a personal element in people needing a specific answer to their issue. Whie the anonymity exists its easier for people to take Mark’s answers personally because it is directed at their particular email. Issues will repeat themsleves for various reasons but individuals do need a wake up call to their own scenario which may not be taken as seriously as if they were just talking in general about these issues.

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