The “pros and cons” of one night stands,  the so-called “war on women”, marrying without the approval of your parents and husbands who don’t worry about sexually satisfying their wives.


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  1. jubilee says:

    When you say that Christians! are acting immoral,(porn fornication) could be one of the reasons we have the LEADERSHIP in DC that we have today. I look at 2 Chronicles 7:14 to get us out of it. Have anyone read the book THE HARBINGER by Jonathan Cahn and how that could effect our economy. It turns out that where GROUND ZERO is, is where St. Pauls chapel, where Washington was sworn in as pres–and said, ( I paraphrase) IF GOD ISNT THE RULER OF THIS COUNTRY, he will TAKE HIS PROTECTION AWAY!.
    I might add: the ‘war on women’ is a ‘ruse’ because, like you say, it causes men to become users OF women. Genesis 3:16 glares LOUDLY in this, but of course, the democrats DONT KNOW IT–they even tried to TAKE GOD AWAY…..? at the convention, and also Jerusalem being Israels capitol—-THERE WILL BE NO ECONOMY!! if they succeed at that!

  2. jubilee says:

    oh BTW, im GLAD they changed their minds—whew—-GOD IS HOLY!!–hey, i would like my 17 year old daughter to marry a good ‘PORN FREE CHRISTIAN man and have a few kids before the RETURN OF OUR LORD —

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