Mark talks about the concept of sowing and reaping and how so many Christians don’t understand that what you DO impacts what you GET out of life. Then he tackles an email from a married couple that has never learned to say no to their sex drives.


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5 Responses to “09-05-2012”

  1. jubilee says:

    this may sound trite: but when the baby boomers become the old folks, what could the younger people have to look forward to (boomers werent supposed to get old–LOL)—whatever is in the world, will affect the church, because too many of us are playing around in the world (watching R rated movies seems mild compared to PORN but if they didnt watch those, they wouldnt look at porn dont you think?)

  2. jubilee says:

    The sexual devolution—sex should only be ok within marriage if possible–yes women bond with losers so they need to check guys with their eyes OPEN. Sexual ‘revolution’ actually ruined 3 generations of kids by now—I also believe women could be SAHMS if they wanted to ,IF they married college educated guys and be college educated themselves—were 49 years from the bible being a banned book (they used to teach proverbs; and also knew about the commandment THOU SHALT NOT COVET) and we are 39 years away from the ‘trifecta’ of abortion, porn, and homosexuality

  3. StillListening says:

    I enjoyed this show because its a fresh reminder that we cant always determine the outcome of our actions in life. If youre willing to sin you must be willing to understand the possible outcomes of it. So isnt it better for our conscience to reap hardship for doing righteousness than sinfulness?

  4. Howdy says:

    Here I go again… for some reason my last entry was deleted. I do not know why. So I will repeat myself. I simply made the point that if we are going to sow it should be a righteous act. We can be persecuted for righteousness, but its better than being persecuted for sin. Fair enough?

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