Why do women marry the wrong men? Should I date a guy who has been sexually abused? How can I deal with my husband and his prescription drug abuse?


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  1. jubilee says:

    IM SCARED when CHRISTIANS fornicate. Especially today WE ARE SUPPOSE TO HAVE THE POWER OF JESUS CHRIST–if this continues, WE WILL HAVE MANY LEAVE AND GO INTO MORMONISM!! since they have rules for drink (no caffene as well as alcohol)
    OTOH, there is a website NWNW (no wedding no womb) its written to black women by a black woman but ANYONE could use the advice

  2. jubilee says:

    oh BTW, the many who will leave, wont be christians but ‘churchgoers’ who may get saved but cant in LDS. heck EVEN BLACKS ARE GOING INTO MORMONISM (mia love) they sound like Uncle/Aunty Ruckus–on one level— (their religion is one of uber racism on the BOOKS)

  3. Howdy says:

    I appreciate Mark’s honesty when he doesnt know the answer to an email. It is amusing that they open the show saying people can ask them about anything, so they do. This is good in the sense it makes people more comfortable to ask about a deeply personal issue such as common to sex or relationships, but others seem to think he knows how to build a bigger tellescope so we can better evaluate life on uranus.

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