Today’s topics: Real-life sleeping beauties who are looking for a prince, surviving your wife’s menopausal symptoms, and competing with the women in porn to keep your husband interested in sex.


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6 Responses to “09-03-2012”

  1. jubilee says:

    Is this for real?! Does this woman think her husband is a christian? Is she one? or is she a person who just writes to get the ‘hair you have remaining’ to fall out.This is a CHRISTIAN WEBSITE–they could be ‘jokes’ and not real…unless her church is extrememly APOSTATE

  2. jubilee says:

    LADY—stay where you are! listen to MARK!! he’s right–in CHRIST, ALL THINGS BECOME NEW—i spoke too soon…..oops

  3. Howdy says:

    Men have to learn to value the wife they have above their desire for porn. I learned the hard way to value my wife above porn, and although it can be easy to entertain, as the show cast profess it ultimately brings misery because porn is not a satisfactory solution, the price is always negative and much higher than people think.

  4. Howdy says:

    I do not know why my comments were taken off this reply thread so here goes again. I made the point that porn is not a satisfying solution for anyone, that valuing your wife is very important. I think I mentioned that this show welcomes any kind of question but people cant expect Mark to know everything. I think my humour was in question with my last entry, but if one can navigate to these comments, why so easy to download and hear far more explicit humour and commentary from the show? This I dont understand.

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