How is the 50 Shades of Gray book impacting men in the bedroom? How is your opinion on “sex furniture”? What do I do when my wife shuts me down sexually?


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  1. jubilee says:

    Solomon said it best: there is nothing new under the sun…women are tired of the passive/aggressive male and want hugh hefner in disguise..and want to CHANGE HIM!!….I’m hoping guys will get their bearings back, stop wearing pink & piercing their ears—50 shades of DECAY–some woman want to be in bondage–how do you think Islam became powerful 700 years after Christianity. men only get by what women allow them to..besides, guys only have orgasm ONCE but we are multiorgasmic

  2. jubilee says:

    Solomon had 999 extra women!! and it eventually took Israel downhill—–about Romney, I think his choice in Ryan was the best thing he has done…—I also think the WESTERN world is going the way of ancient rome with sex. It’s only for marriage AND when you arent fasting. I think if BOTH MATES WERE VIRGINS when married, they both would have been satisfied–the doods had sex with various women before her and have old pictures in their head

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