Topics today: The myth of “soul mates” and God as a divine matchmaker, getting over a husband’s infidelity,¬† what to do when a spouse threatens divorce, and the importance of knowing¬† the boyfriend is free from porn and masturbation before you marry him.


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One Response to “08-02-2012”

  1. Steve Harvey says:

    I a while back was invited to like you all on facebook. I did. Just never took time to listen to a show. Don’t know why…oh wait, i do. I have quite a few sermons and shows I can listen to, so how would one pick?

    I love the straight forward approach. It is quite refreshing, and gives me an angle with which to address couples that turn to me for help. (Yes, I will freely pilfer your advice and cue them in on your show.)

    I especially love the advice about “The ONE”. A dear friend from my youth annoys me to no end. She is a couple of husbands shy of John 4. She still seeks the one and blames God for the previous. Come to think, she’s not the only one who’s bought this rubbish and rot. But I digress.

    My point is to encourage you in your ministry. Keep faithful to the Word. (And if Brother Ross should some reason take a metaphoric 2×4 to the head and decide to leave the show…Sorry, tactless of me…LOL)

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