Watch a NEW EPISODE of The Mark Gungor Show. Topics today:  A 70-year-old woman decides she’s ready to lose her virginity! Would I be settling for less and would it impact our relationship if I marry a man who already has a child? How can a divorced Christian find another good Christian to remarry? Is it okay to play poker in moderation with the guys?


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One Response to “07-23-2012”

  1. jubilee says:

    *sigh* I believe or even KNOW that the 22 year old woman that describes herself as a FEMALE is a BLACK GIRL/WOMAN
    …That is my PET PEEVE and could have came from a c/rap culture–post 1979–i’m hearing that many young black men/women are having kids despite the birth control–she is going to have a problem when she starts having kids and HE will have to pay CHILD SUPPORT for the kid as well as yours–she needs to get a guy who doesnt have any kids at least THAT YOUNG–im ALSO A BLACK WOMAN

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