Watch a NEW EPISODE of The Mark Gungor Show! Today Mark spends the hour discussing an article on why people in their early 20s may do better to wed than wait.



3 Responses to “07-20-2012”

  1. jubilee says:

    Yes it’s the PARENTS fault, but LOOK how old the parents are? the BABY BOOMER GROUP who hasnt grown up. They stayed or wanted to stay a teen later and let the years go by–many are just older but in the same place.
    So, they think the kids are going to have the same problem as they did. These teens today are going thru a ‘great depression’ maybe not as bad as the 1930s, but bad enough. I think when these Christian teens settle in their marriages, they would be better than the Christian ‘boomers’–Mark is a Christian boomer but happened to be blessed with people in his family that didnt have divorces or wife beating in it or else he would have said so

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