Watch a NEW EPISODE of The Mark Gungor Show! Topics today: What are the top 7 sex drive killers? When is it okay for a husband to spend time with another woman? How can I get free from my gay pornography addiction in order to be married and have kids with a woman?


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2 Responses to “07-19-2012”

  1. jubilee says:

    Yes Mark NO ONE FORCES people to look at porn, but they do anyway–just like no one forces people to smoke weed and graduate to hard drugs (people say weed doesnt do that blah blah)
    We NEED to attack porn as a DRUG OF CHOICE! simiar to HARD DRUGS and tell our kids to think about marriage around 25ish–I AGREE, but this economy stinks and too many males arent in school learning a trade that could support the family–the WOMEN are more–some may be ok with it, BUT who wants to buck traffic 8 months pregnant while the guy is home on videogames

  2. Daniel says:

    14:57 “He has such a big heart which is one of the things she says is what she loves about him…:

    As bad as this is going to sound…

    ….but that’s not the only thing that is apparently “big” about him!!! Is she insane?! Here’s a clue to this gal’s husband, why don’t you help your own marriage and your wife instead driving TWO HOURS to “help” some floozy. My advise to the girl married to this putz is stop tolerating it! What have you done to put your foot down? Nuff said!

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