Watch a NEW EPISODE of The Mark Gungor Show! Topics today: How is it possible that we can really say “no” to our selfish desires? What does the bible say about interracial marriages? Should I throw out the pictures of his ex-wife that my husband has stashed away?


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One Response to “07-13-2012”

  1. Howdy says:

    One of if not my favourite programme so far. How often do ministers teach wives how to respect their husbands, or wives testifying of learning this at a women’s conference. I remember feeling like I could move mountains for my wife when she showed me the respect I needed. It took me by surprise. I believe it’s a show of love that empowers husbands to excell in every way, given he’s not a narcisist. There are great rewards for a wife who respects her husband, just as there are great rewards for a husband who honours his wife. How powerful when these flow together. There are people who think Mark gets too uptight over the lack of morality out there, but they need to realise that Jesus is the most normal christian in the bible, he set the standard by example and nobody could fault him. We need more righteous-living ministers who can teach and preach Jesus’ standard with such boldness, including the true meaning of God’s grace, which Mark inevitably comes full circle to reminding us.

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