Watch and listen to another NEW show! Mark and crew discuss the problems associated with delaying marriage until you are in your 30s-40s.



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  1. jubilee says:

    Do you know that the non-Christian/chruched world is seeing this too?
    A woman named Deborrah Cooper who ia African American wrote a book, she writes to Black women in general. She wrote a book called THE BLACK CHURCH, WHERE WOMEN PRAY AND MEN PREY.
    she said the ‘black churches’ are EMPTY of eligible men and tell the women to leave church if she wants to find a husband. It’s good for CHRISTIANS to listen to the show like you to see whats going on. (mouth a little ‘salty’ though)Most of Deborrah Cooper’s (a.k.a. Ms.Heartbeat) listeners on bloctalkradio.com are women in their 30s-40 who tell men whom they are dating to ‘go to church with them’ etc. This is so antithetical of the GOSPEL and is silly. Both are: the women and the churched people. No one is settling down to get married. I dont want a guy who is a non christian-that is what she is promoting.
    Mark I’M GLAD you are hitting this issue BECAUSE it needs to come from CHRISTIANS!.. this is why the ‘POWER OF GOD’ is not working and homosexual marriage just COULD become law in the United States–since the healthcare thing just passed yesterday.
    I also think this could be one of the reasons for AUTISM in children. When women and men wait until their 30s and 40 to plan to have kids–this could be the ‘outcome’ not so much vaccines.Although i knew a lady who got pregnant at 48 with her last child, they had 2 in college: they were the original couple as well.Shes fine.
    I got pregnant at 35 but got married at 30. Hubby was 45 but has a body 10-12 years younger than average. Kid is 17 and is fine..oh BTW he had 4 other kids because he was married before. I was engaged before.
    This is very controversial: they need to tell women to plan on family BEFORE career for the reason you say and even—(gulp) homemaking skills? since the women of depression/WW2 are dying out? (this may have pushed the years ‘up’ a bit, 80 is the new 70 etc.)-women OVER 30 are going to have a harder time finding Mr. Right than a woman 30 & under cause guys over 30 want a younger woman and they want them…..This ‘over 30 for women’ business didnt happen until the early 90s. Most people i knew in their 30s who werent attached, were divorced. This was AVERAGE! non christians were even marrying

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