Mark is traveling in South Africa. Please enjoy this “Best Of” show!

What can single women learn from Jane Austen? A long discussion evolves on why there are so many bad men, and a wife complains about her husband’s hobby being so important to him.


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  1. Cindy says:

    …so I understand the spoiling mother and agree to a point – BUT I can’t believe you went back to the same old story that it’s not the boys fault but his Mommy and the influence of the young little whores who made them stray and ruined them (girls always get the bad label – boys are always given the excuse – they are just boys). WHO was it that turned those young girls into the little sex feigns – certainly wasn’t their mothers. And where is the strong father role model in this situation? I agree today’s kids are having sex earlier – but i don’t believe the responsibility and the blame all falls on the women – it takes 2. SO PUT IT AWAY BOYS!!!! AND QUIT BLAMING YOUR MOMMIES!

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