Mark is traveling in South Africa. Please enjoy this “Best Of” show.

Mark was right!  There is a link between the age of fathers and autism. Then he answers emails: Is it better to marry young or to wait? When does a butt kicking woman cross the line and become a shrew? My husband is smitten with an old girlfriend, should I get a thicker skin about it or is he being insensitive?


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  1. Cindy says:

    …on the subject of captious – where is the line – what is the line between nagging and getting walked all over. i.e. I need the occasional touch, hug, snuggle, and I love you. But my husband says that is just not him, he doesn’t do that. So when I ask for it am I nagging or I just standing up for what I need from our relationship?

  2. Cindy says:

    ..and you stated the husband should not discsuss the ex-girl friend topic with his wife, but with his male friends only – doesn’t someone see it as a problem that he seems so obsessed with this woman that he needs to continually drop her name in conversations. Discussing hot hooters amongst the boys is one thing but feelings for an ex sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.

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