What can single women learn from Jane Austen? A long discussion evolves on why there are so many bad men, and a wife complains about her husband’s hobby being so important to him.


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  1. jubilee says:

    These men are probably going to go on antidepressants because they dont even have to work for her even though they get all the free sex in the world- –even teenage guys arent holding hands & guys arent holding the girls shoulders in public. I beleive the strength of women isnt in the military being PILOTS but in the HOME. IMO many of these dads of teen girls are probably ‘neutered’ males even though at home. It would help if young girls start to wear skirts and dresses or just femme shine with fake jewelry, etc.—– the men are almost non-existent in the black community——- btw you must have listened to fltoday.org

  2. snglenhpy says:

    im a gen xer and I can say it is not our generations fault. each generation creates its own mess and passes it on to the next one. I would say the one before mine is the worst but thats my opinion. I dont think we will get anywhere as a culture if we keep blaming each other. We all can call a truce at any time and stop the blaming garbage and own up to what we add to things.

  3. anita says:

    Am I expecting too much out of my husband? Yes he gets extremely busy with his work & I hardly ever spend time with, have conversations etc with him. He belongs to a sport club & when he has to be involved in the sport he’s into the preparations as from the Wednesday before that is… He leaves home with his sport club on Friday only to return Sunday pm. When he gets home he showers etc & sleeps to Monday am! Then he’s involved with the meetings & socials for the sport club! Recently he went away for the weekend before my bday, returned Sunday totally exhaused slept to Monday, worked during the day, left on Monday evening to go for a meeting re. The sport, returned early hours of Tuesday, leaves Tuesday am for work matters to return Wednesday am… Wednesday happens to b my birthday. He works to the afternoon – take me & the children (25 & 18yrs) out to buy me a present & then to dinner, come back home & falls asleep in front of the tv! Thursday – he comes home late after being with his friends, Friday (today) has dinner &f alls asleep in front of tv! Is this normal + am I expecting to o much? I really do feel IGNORED & unloved!

  4. anita says:

    What I meant by preparations from wednesday is…. He wud go away on Wednesday evening to have a meeting with the other sportsmen & only return late Wednesday night, there have quite a few occasions when he returned early hours of Thursday. The reason I’ve been given is “they’re socializing”

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