Marriage is for Losers…and the happiest couples have learned what that means! A wife wonders what to do since her husband took away her access to their money, stopped wearing his wedding ring, and is communicating with a female friend. A couple wants advice on the division of household chores, another listener asks about oral sex, and a wife needs help dealing with her husband’s sexual past.


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  1. Daniel says:

    Regarding the hardening of pharaoh’s heart, It is the assumption that God’s words and His miracles/plagues that He inflicted upon Egypt is what hardened pharaoh’s heart. The same line of writing and speaking has been used to describe the “softening” of the hearts within men and women of the Bible (and including people of today).

    It would be the same if, for example, I showed a picture of the devastation from a car wreck as a result of not wearing a seat-belt. Some folks would be heart broken, “softened heart”, over the picture and be more inclined to wear a seat-belt and perhaps change their driving habits. Others may see this as fear mongering, will try to argue extenuating factors on why the accident occurred in the first place and be even less inclined to wear a seat-belt (heart hardening).

    Pharaoh had many chances to stop and repent. The Scriptures are only giving God credit for the result of Pharaoh’s decision and NOT God pulling the puppet strings.

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