Men suffer mental decline when around women…or just thinking about them? That’s what a new study says! Mark also answers emails: First a stupid marriage argument on whether bread should be kept in the frig or the freezer, a young gal has issues with the guy she’s dating because he thinks oral sex is okay, and a pastor’s wife wonders what her role should be in the church.


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  1. Draw2much says:

    My Mom put just about everything in the fridge and freezer because the area we lived in was really humid and hot, so things went bad REALLY quickly. So when I got married, I continued doing what she did.

    I was quite surprised to learn how much my husband detested cold ketchup. I’d just automatically put it in the fridge and not think anything of it, only to hear him go later: ARG, why would you do this? It’s cold and nasty!

    It’s taken 8 years for me to stop putting it in the fridge. Apparently some habits are harder to break than others…

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