Beware of 8 lies that destroy marriage. Mark answers emails from a woman who was raped, become pregnant and her husband wants her to abort the baby, a young girl wonders if she is destined to be screwed upĀ  because her parents are screwed up, a wife has problems with her hubby’s Facebook dealings, and an ex is showing up at church with his new girlfriend.



2 Responses to “03-06-2012”

  1. jubilee says:

    GODS WILL that you don’t take medicine?! I think that is one of the REASONS one of the GOSPELS was written by a DOCTOR!! Who was even a GENTILE! People need to tell that to other Christians who believe that GOD doesnt believe in DOCTORS

  2. Silviya Pancheva says:

    About this guy who wants his wife to abort a baby because she was raped: If he agreed to adopt a child (which won’t be his eather) why he doesn’t want this baby. It’s like half adoption! It sounds more like a blessing to me because you don’t have to go through the adoption procedure and still have a wonderful child and be happy! Oh…may be he think: If the baby can’t be mine it won’t be hers too!! Move one you selfish man!

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