What would men and women do with an extra 15 minutes?  A listener wants Mark’s opinion on the movie “Fireproof”, another wonders if forgiveness is only granted when the other person apologizes and asks for it, and a new believer wants to know if he needs to have his tattoos removed now. A single dad has a question on discipline after divorce and a young woman is heart broken because her husband doesn’t want to have kids.


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2 Responses to “03-01-2012”

  1. jubilee says:

    Regarding tattoos, GOD may not care BUT in cultures where tattooing was practiced. they would end it. when they got the GOSPEL.(tattooing goes with the post 1980s culture anyway) besides it cost a LOT of money and pain to remove. the best thing is not to get one in the first place because they’re permanent. The laser procedure removes melanin as well

  2. Karl says:

    “That’s kinda like my life: people either like me or they hate me. Sadly, there are more people who hate me than like me. BUT, as long as there’s some people who like me, life will go on.” Great remark, Mark.

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