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Does taking birth control pills affect women’s attractiveness to men? A new study says it does…if you are a lemur! Mark referees a dispute involving a dog, gives advice to a young man who wants to help teach kids at a youth camp the right information regarding masturbation, and a woman wants to know if she should disclose the fact that she wasn’t a virgin when she married her husband.


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  1. jubilee says:

    I dont know about you but I think BC pills do affect the womans choices Have you noticed that the hollywood guys, at least some of them are ‘softer’ like johnny depp, sean penn, maye not george clooney and others like him. Check out what women USED to like in men; more masculine featured actors in the 50s-70s. Men are even shaving their chests. I tend to like hairier chests within reason. Lastly i even believe the pheremones of the BC pills are making modern men ‘wussier’ even the modern mans spouse or girlfriend arent on them

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