A new survey says republicans have more orgasms!  Is a legal wedding ceremony necessary or can you be “married” without it? What is the difference between telling the truth and judging–and what about grace? Can you pray for God to help you get a specific girl?


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2 Responses to “02-10-2012”

  1. Helen Anderson says:

    Hello. First Love your show. It show be on Network radio/televison. It’s ranks up there with Dr. Oz, truely. I was introduced to your work through the LAUGH YOUR WAY TO A BETTER MARRIAGE CLASSES , held at our church. Great stuff. I would love to attend you in person show that is here in the Phoenix, Az are next month but money is too tight. Anyway, thanks for your input and honesty. Helen

  2. Daniel says:

    Hey Mark, I’m a few years late but I would like to shed some light on the fella who wants to use his 401k to pay off debt and his girl who won’t support it. The dude is trying to take a short cut with his finances and the gal who is a loan officer is trying her best to convince him that he’s a moron for attempting this. You’re just replacing debt with more debt. That would be like trying to payoff your car loan with a credit card. It doesn’t work and no financial firm will ever accept it.

    Now I don’t think the girl’s comment meant that she would not support him ever. But this is an area she knows more about than the guy who is playing wannabe accountant. He needs to be more open minded when asking for another person’s opinion especially from someone who has more experience and knowledge in areas he knows nothing about.

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